3 REASONS to become a
Compassionate Entrepreneur!

earn an income

Earn at least 25% from your sales while a woman around the world earns an income too!

find a purpose

You will empower women out of the sex trade, slums, and poverty.

join a sisterhood

Make encouraging friendships that benefit your business and your life!


Safe Working Conditions

Financial Stability

Education for Children

Developing Communities

Counseling Services

What does a

Sell ethically made product online or through home parties.

You can grow a team and empower women in the United States.

The more successful you are, the more lives you change!

Pick the right world-changing kit for you!

It’s time to start your dream job as a Compassionate Entrepreneur and it’s as easy as picking out one of the kits below. Select the kit that works best for you and your budget and then get ready to start empowering women out of poverty! We have a team waiting to help you along this journey and cannot wait to see the impact these options will make in your business!


Start with all resources you need plus a beautiful piece to grow your business!

What's Included

$99 (Retail: $270 )

Get a running start in your business with more styles that you can share and wear!

What's Included

$199 (Retail: $506)

Launch your business with the essentials plus plenty of styles that will get noticed!

What's Included
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