Chelsie Antos

Hello - I'm Chelsie...nice to meet you! I grew up as a homeschooler and and graduated high school with a college degree in Business and a minor in Biblical Studies. I started Trades of Hope with the other founders when I was just 17 years old and have been blessed to experience how incredible sustainable business truly is. Empowerment in developing countries leads to true economic change, restoration of the family structure, and the chance for a woman to become an international business woman. I absolutely love our business model!

?I'm passionate about the very real grace of Jesus that has changed my life and I hope to show his inclusive and life-changing love through all that I do. From traveling the country in a camper to spread the company's reach, to advocating for women and social justice, to spending time in developing countries to work on artisan partnerships, I believe wholeheartedly that sustainable business is the vehicle of change that will end poverty.

I have a passion for growing our company by managing our systems and processes. I am so thrilled that Trades of Hope is able to show love to the world and fight for women's rights, while providing a sustainable income to so many.

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