Elisabeth Huijskens

In 1995 in the Netherlands, on a gray January evening, I was born to two world travelers. This made for some fun: I lived in 3 different continents before the age of 2, learned to speak Dutch as I was learning English, discovered while living in Malaysia that parading paper dragons terrify 3 year-old-me, and stepped foot in a developing country for the first time at 8 years old. The travelers decided to settle down right outside of Los Angeles, offering a golden childhood, and then moved our family (now including my brother and sister) to Florida.

During my early and teenage years, I developed two passions: one for all things creative (design, writing, music, art, photography, worship leading, piano, guitar) and one for using my privileges and resources to help empower people out of difficult situations. My life was a back-and-forth cat's cradle game of choosing between these two passions. Writing blogs and books, traveling to places like Haiti regularly, leading worship ministries at home, writing published articles on the importance of helping others, and co-founding Trades of Hope at 15 years-old.

Because of my journey as a Trades of Hope founder, I have become an advocate for hope, hope for every human, in every situation. No matter how dark it is, no matter how bleak and hopeless, I believe that there is always more light, always more good, always more hope, and it’s worth fighting for. I harbor within me an all-encompassing belief that every human being deserves to feel the warmth of grace and hope.

Find out more about Elisabeth at:
www.elisabethhuijskens.com & www.instagram.com/elisabethhuijskens