Trades Of Hope Team This is a career that feeds your soul! You will be helping women around the world in desperate situations by selling their "Fair Trade" products through home parties, events, online parties, and catalog parties!

Through your sales, women will be helped out of the sex trade, slums, sweat shops, and extreme poverty! They will be able to send their children to school, put a roof over their heads, and put food on their tables. 

This is an exciting opportunity to grow with our company from the ground up. As a compassionate entrepreneur, you are an independent business owner. You make your own hours and set your own financial goals. We are not selling just to sell, we are selling to change lives! We are a business with a mission. Products with a purpose!  The home party model has been proven to work. If you thought it worked with candles and makeup, be ready for how it explodes with beautiful products that truly help women out of poverty!

By becoming a compassionate entrepreneur, you can put food on your table while helping a sister around the world put food on her table at the very same time. Women helping women!