Feed a child in Haiti!

When you get your friends together to shop and they spend $600+, you'll provide 10 meals to a child in Haiti. For many children, these meals will be the only nutritious food they eat all day. You'll also receive an exclusive Echo Necklace as our “Thank You” for choosing to change a child's world!

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What if you could give hope to a mother in need? Would you say yes?

Empower a mother to provide for her children and fight human trafficking by getting your friends together for a Trades of Hope gathering. When you spread the word about our mission and your friends shop our line, a woman on the other side of the world finds hope through your support!

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Earn free accessories + help a mother provide for her babies

Will you empower her?


Needing to provide food, shelter, clothing, and education for her three children, Olivia began working as an Artisan eight years ago, while living in a tent. As a single mother in Haiti, her work has provided her family with safe housing and the security of knowing they will have plenty of food to eat and opportunities for education. As she molds and shapes each piece of clay, Olivia is also molding and shaping a better future for herself and her children.


Nan Aye Myint, nicknamed "A", is a Thai Artisan, and one of the many women who will be empowered when you host your party. She shares her story with us, "Two years ago, I began making bags, and my life changed. I had no idea how to sew when I first started, but now I can do bags with zippers and do handmade decorations such as tassels and pom-poms. My life is much better now because I have enough money to eat well and have good friends in the company. I thank Trades of Hope for this new lifestyle I now have."