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Your party will transform lives!

Trades of Hope helps rescue women from the sex trade, sweatshops, slums and extreme poverty. By hosting a party, you are giving women hope and a chance for a better future!

  • Create change in the lives of women all over the world.
  • Help educate girls and women for financial independence.
  • Be a part of long term, sustainable change for future generations.
  • Earn free products while helping to break the cycle of poverty.
  • With every $1,000 party hosted, Trades of Hope will gift a child in India with a backpack full of school supplies.
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GirlIf every woman who read this page hosted one party a year,
we could rescue thousands of women from poverty!
Be that woman!
You can host a  "Home Party" or an "E-party."

Contact us to find out more!

When you contact us to host a party, we will link you with a compassionate entrepreneur in your area. All you need to do is simply invite your friends, and then your local compassionate entrepreneur will come share about our products and the amazing women that are creating them. Be a world changer today!


If we do not have a compassionate entrepreneur located near you,
consider being the first to introduce Trades of Hope to your area!


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